Startup & Idea Fest 2022 is an event based on technological invention, students’ projects and startup idea and innovation. This year’s Startup & Idea Fest 2022 is be organized by Living with ICT (LwICT).
Startup & Idea Fest 2022 will include Startup Meetup where startups will be exhibited to the participants. Startups from all Seven Provinces of Nepal will be facilitated.


  1. Tech-Startup incorporated and which has demonstrated growth within the organization, have created ICT product which can be successfully implemented in the long run and carries the prospect in the future market.
    Startup registered within the last five years.
  2. At least one product or service must have been released for public.

Startups one each from all seven province of Nepal will be eligible to get concessional loan of up-to One Million each.

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